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    Welcome to Eyeris ® Vision Care Pvt. Ltd.

    An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

    Eye Drops Franchise PCD Company in India - Eyeris Vision Care Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing company started commercial operations In 2004.

    Since then we have been putting continuous efforts to upgrade our technical and business skills by employing committed professionals. Our goal is to provide high-quality ophthalmic formulations at the most affordable prices to the community. For this purpose, all our products are manufactured under high-quality control with WHO-GMP and ISO standards under the technical supervision of experts in production and quality assurance who are qualified, competent, and responsible pharmacists, microbiologists, and chemists.
    Our organization has achieved a noted position of Trader, Distributor, and Supplier in the pharmaceutical industry which is the result of relentless efforts of our skilled team of experts. With an objective of curing eye-related problems, we offer high-grade Antibiotic eye drops, Lubricating eye drops, Anti-allergic eye drops, Soft Gel capsules etc. At the vendor end, experts process the eye drops using clinically approved chemical compounds in order to ensure their purity and immediate results. So we have a high quality and wide range of Eye Drops that make us the top Eye Drops PCD Franchise Company in India.

    Eyeris Visioncare is one of the best Ophthalmic PCD Franchise Companies in India. Our Eye Drops products are in high demand for PCD Pharma Franchise businesses. We are welcoming to all pharma experts and distributors for Eye Drops PCD Pharma Franchise business with monopoly rights, free promotion tools, high profit margin, etc.

    Our Product

    Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel
    Chloramphenicol Hydrocortisone Eye Ointment
    Potassium iodide, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Ophthalmic Solution
    Fluoromrletholone 0.1%
    Mixed Carotene, Zinc Oxide, Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, Copper & Selenium Softgel Capsules
    Natamycin Ophthalmic Suspension IP
    Tropicamide with Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solutio
    Gatifloxacin Eye Drops
    Justnac Eye Drops
    Hylakick eye drops
    Gatikick - P Eye Drops
    Brismox - KT Eye Drops
    Nepakick Eye Drops
    Brismox - LP Eye Drops
    Brismox - D Eye Drops
    Liv Tears Gel
    Brismox Eye Drops



    Eyeris Vision Care Pvt. Ltd. is known for its unique formulations and availability of products. Now reaching out to markets through strategic partnerships.

    Advance Technology

    Our manufacturing unit has a well-equipped quality assurance and quality control department, Headed by qualified persons, which uses latest instruments to test our entire range of Pharmaceutical Drugs, at every stage of formulation.


    Eyeris Vision Care Pvt. Ltd. is a quality-centric and reputed firm that believes in paying extreme attention towards offering quality assured eye drops to our patrons.


    We support environmental action in collaboration with voluntary and community groups. We promote energy efficiency measures and contribute to the achievement of global sustainability.


    One of the fastest-growing ophthalmic companies in India due to our world class services, high quality products & unique monopoly marketing strategy. We provide ethical-based marketing in India, where you can be your own boss in your territory, with no politics, no work pressure, only results and rewards to complete your dreams. We Offer Eye drops Pcd Franchise to serious, dedicated, and experienced persons. We are the team of Professionals with experience in their own field.

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    We take utmost care to understand the needs of our customers. This enables us to develop innovative quality products at an affordable cost. Eyeris Vision Care has over 50+ products being marketed and 10+ products under development. The product portfolio caters to wide range of ophthalmic products. Our Eye Drop product range and quality make us the Best Eye Drops PCD Company in India. We offer high-grade Antibiotic eye drops, Lubricating eye drops, Anti-allergic eye drops, Soft Gel capsules etc. At the vendor end, experts process the eye drops using clinically approved chemical compounds in order to ensure their purity and immediate results.

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    What Makes Eyeris Vision Care Pvt. Ltd. Best For Eye Drops PCD Franchise Company

    Delivering quality and authentic eye drops range and ophthalmic solutions across global, Eyeris Vision Care Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name. Our company is committed to improvising drug formulation for better vision and eye health. Collaborating with some of the leading pharma professionals, we are offering PCD Pharma Franchise opportunities across India. Known for its great reputation and dedication, you can be assured for profitable business deals in your desired location. Constantly praised for our innovative ophthalmic medicines and marketing strategies, it is your chance to become our associate and available multiple benefits:

    • GMP WHO Manufacturing Process
    • Spacious warehouse Facility in Ever Zone
    • QA/QC Eye Drops, Capsules, Ointments, etc
    • Skilled and Experienced team of experts
    • Maximum client satisfaction Promised
    • Huge Network of Logistic Partners across India.
    • Excise-free zone benefits Reducing Huge Tax
    • Attractive Packaging Tech Used
    • Dedicated R&D Team and Labs
    • Trusted Company in the Ophthalmic Market
    • On-time and Quick Delivery of Order
    • Avail Support 24x7
    • Monopoly Distribution Rights
    • Free of Cost Promotional Tool Support
    • Greater Profit Margin
    • Competitive Rates, Best in the Market

    Benefits Of Invest In The Best Eye Drops PCD Franchise Company

    Eyeris Vision is offering an amazing business opportunity that comes with several benefits. Since our inception, our company has been a well-renowned name in the pharmaceutical sector for eye drops PCD Franchise Company in India. We have a world-class product portfolio and go through stringent quality control before reaching the customers. Also, Eyeris Vision is a highly committed company that works tirelessly to deliver the best quality eye drops across India. There are several key benefits of investing in the best eye drops PCD franchise company - Eyeris Vision 

    1. First of all, starting a PCD franchise of eye drops has low-risk factors. There is a surging demand for quality yet affordable pharma products in India, even in the rural market is growing tremendously. 
    2. Secondly, the investment requirement for starting an eye drops PCD franchise is quite minimal and there is no hidden cost. 
    3. Thirdly, EyerisVision is here to assist at every step and make it a profitable business. 
    4. Our company will provide various assistance which includes free promotional and marketing tools.
    5. Eyeris Vision is offering exclusive monopoly rights to its franchise holders. 
    6. With Eyeris Vision, you will get guaranteed high profit margins, and bonuses. 
    7. Our eye drops come with leakage proof at affordable rates having ISO-WHO-GMP certifications.

    Eyeris Vision - #1 Top Eye Drops Companies in India presenting a profitable business opportunity that comes with series of perks. Reach out to Eyeris Vision today for further queries. 



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