CMC, Naphazoline, Phenylephrine, Camphor, and Menthol Eye Drops


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What Is CMC, Naphazoline, Phenylephrine, Camphor, and Menthol Eye Drops?

The anti-allergic eye drops, Briscool Eye Drops help treat redness and swelling of the eye caused due to allergic diseases and provide temporary relief from burning, watery eyes, redness, itching, and discomfort in the eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis, also called eye allergy, is the immune response that occurs when an irritating substance known as an allergen comes into contact with the eye..

This combination of medications can help to alleviate the symptoms of such a condition in the eyes. Decongestants such as phenylephrine and naphazoline work by constricting or narrowing the blood vessels in the eye, which relieves itching and irritation. Camphor and menthol contribute to a cooling sensation in the eye.

Uses of CMC, Naphazoline, Phenylephrine, Camphor, and Menthol Eye Drops

Briscool Eye Drops relieve allergic eye disease symptoms like pain, redness, swelling, and irritation. It also has a soothing effect and helps in reducing the sensation of burning in the eyes. Use only as directed by your doctor. Consult your doctor if you haven’t seen any improvement after a week. To alleviate discomfort, it is recommended that you wash your eyes with lukewarm water in addition to using eye drops.

Direction To Use | Precautions While Using These Eye Drops

  • Let your doctor know if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.
  • Make sure to complete the treatment course without skipping any dosage.
  • If you use contact lenses, make sure to remove them before applying the drops and wait for approx. 15 minutes before putting it back.
  • In case you are to apply any other eye drop in the same eye, wait for at least 5 minutes and then apply the medication.

Dosage and Storage

  • The dose and duration of the treatment must be decided by your doctor.
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Must be applied to the infected eye only.

Side effects of CMC, Naphazoline, Phenylephrine, Camphor, and Menthol Eye Drops

Here are some common side effects that may be caused by these eye drops. Do not worry if you feel these symptoms after the application but in case they persist for long, contact your doctor.

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Stinging in the eyes
  • Eye irritation
  • Photophobia

CMC, Naphazoline, Phenylephrine, Camphor, and Menthol Eye Drops Manufacturer and Supplier

Eyeris Vision Care is the most reliable pharma franchise company that has been offering people top-class ophthalmic products. All the products offered by our company are highly safe and reliable to use. Being formulated with 100% pure and safe raw extracts, our products are completely safe to use and free from any side effects. To avail the drugs to a wider audience, we offer Ophthalmic PCD Pharma Franchise Business at the PAN India level. For more details, you may contact us anytime.

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