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What is the Use of Ganciclovir 0.15% w/w Ophthalmic Ointment?

BRISVIR Gel is the fusion of Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel that belongs to a class of medications known as antivirals and is used to treat viral infections caused by cytomegalovirus in those individuals who are immunocompromised and have undergone an organ or bone marrow transplantation. This medication also reduces the chances of blindness in those people who have a serious eye infection caused due to CMV retinitis. 

Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel works by stopping the multiplication of the virus which stops the growth of the virus and slowly eradicates the virus. Also, Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel is part of the ‘antiviral’ drug class, which is used to treat viral infections. It works by inhibiting viruses from multiplying in human cells by acting on their DNA, resulting in a reduction in viral excess and the production of new viruses. 

Precautions While Taking Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel 

  • Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel is for external use only and it must be applied to the affected area by squeezing a small amount in the lower eyelid. 
  • One must take the advice of a doctor must be taken before using them on patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 
  • Wearing contact lenses while using Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel is not recommended. Before using the gel, take out your contact lenses and put them back in after 15 minutes.
  • Even if you feel better, you should not stop taking Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel without visiting your doctor. 
  • The infection may not be totally treated, even if the symptoms improve. 
  • As a result, it is recommended that the medication be continued in the dose and duration specified for optimum results.

Some Common Side Effects of Using Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel

Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel may come up with some common side effects which usually go away with time as the body starts to adjust itself to the medication. Fertility may be harmed by Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel. It has the potential to halt men from generating sperm temporarily or permanently, as well as diminish female fertility. So, if you’re thinking about starting a family, talk to your doctor before using Ganciclovir Ophthalmic Gel. Also, use a condom during sexual activity to prevent the transmission of infection to the female partner.

  • Eye irritation
  • Temporary blurred vision
  • Itchy eyes
  • Increased tearing

What precautions one must take while using Ganciclovir Ophthalmic gel?

One must make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients being used in this ointment. The ganciclovir ophthalmic gel may cause low blood cell counts. So, patients with a history of anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, and any other bleeding problem must consult the doctor before taking this ointment.

Moreover, if you feel extreme tiredness, weakness, breath shortening, and fast heartbeat, immediately stop using ganciclovir ophthalmic gel and see a doctor.


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