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Flunarizine Tablets | A Brief

Migzer Tablets consist of Flunarizine Tablets which are linked to a class of medications which are known as selective calcium entry blockers. This salt has strong calmodulin binding properties and controls the histamine H1-blocking activity. Generally, it is given to patients suffering from prophylaxis of migraine, occlusive peripheral vascular disease, the vertigo of central and peripheral origin. This medicine is moreover recommended to people suffering from epilepsy. Flunarizine Tablets deal with all kinds of symptoms of neuro patients such as excessive headache, fatigue, and sudden loss of weight.

What Is The Use Of Flunarizine Tablets?

Flunarizine Tablets are mainly used to prevent and treat the problem of migraine. It is also very effective in improving blood flow. They are also very effective in treating the issue of dizziness, and vertigo. It works by preventing the dilation of blood vessels and easing the pain. 

Side Effects of Taking Flunarizine Tablets

  • Sleepiness
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Runny nose

Precautions Before starting taking Flunarizine

The patient must consult with a doctor if suffering from any liver disease and the consumption of alcohol isn’t allowed while taking these tablets.

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Question – Does Flunarizine Tablet cause weight gain?

Answer – Flunarizine Tablet has been linked to weight gain. To avoid excessive weight gain, engage in regular exercise and try to consume home-cooked meals.

Question – What must I do if I accidentally overdose on Flunarizine Tablets?

Answer – If you have taken a double dose or an overdose of Flunarizine Tablets, get medical attention right away by calling a doctor or visiting the nearest hospital or clinic.

Question – Can I stop using Flunarizine Tablets without a doctor’s prescription?

Answer – No, you should not discontinue taking Flunarizine Tablets without speaking with your doctor first. Before stopping, please seek medical counsel.

Question – Can I use Flunarizine Tablet as a painkiller?

Answer – No, you should not take Flunarizine Tablets unless your doctor has recommended them. It is only used to treat migraine headaches when a doctor has recommended it.

Question – In what circumstances should I avoid using Flunarizine Tablets?

Answer –  Flunarizine Tablets are recommended for migraine sufferers. However, it does not treat an acute migraine episode; rather, it is intended to prevent migraine attacks as long as you take Flunarizine Tablets.

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