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Carboxymethyl Cellulose Eye Drops IP 1% w/v Use
LIV TEARS GelL which is used for treating dry eyes. When the eyes are not able to make enough tears then the problem of dry eyes occurs. The quality of tears is not produced by the eyes. The tears are necessary for the health of the eyes as well as to provide clear vision. The problem of dry eyes also causes pain, irritation, and redness in the eyes which affects the normal life of the person. The problem of dry eyes is serious and it needs to be cured.
The composition of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Eye Drops helps in providing relief to the eyes by curing the dry eyes which results in pain, irritation, etc. As an eye lubricant, the eye drops provide relief to the eyes by providing temporary and artificial tears. The instilling of the eye drops provides temporary relief from the burning effect, pain, irritation, etc of the eyes. With the help of this eye drop, the eyes are protected from further irritation and also from various other problems. To make the composition of the medication more effective the person is advised to follow the recommendations of the doctor. Before instilling the eye drops the doctor will check the condition of the eyes of the person and then will prescribe the dose.
Uses of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Eye Drops
Liv Tear drops are used to treat dry eyes. It works by increasing the amount of Quality eye tears which is important to provide clear vision.
These drops are also helpful in curing the symptoms of Burning effects, Irritation, pain, and redness.
This eye drop acts as a protector and provides relief from further irritation. With the help of artificial tears, the eyes are provided relief from the symptoms of dry eyes.
Directions For Use
Lean your head backwards and gaze upwards. Use one hand to pull down your lower eyelid and create a space for the drops.
Take the eye drop bottle and hold it upside down with the tip close to the pocket, using your other hand. Put the 2 drops of eye drops into the little space.
For at least 1 minute, shut your eye and gently place your finger on the small hole in the inner corner of your eye called the tear duct. This will prevent the eye drops from going into your nose.
Use this medication only if it is prescribed by your healthcare provider, do not use it without a prescription on your own.
Use only the prescribed volume at the same time given by the healthcare professional to get the best possible results.
Store this medication in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and reach of the pets and children.
Side Effects Of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Eye Drops
Although instilling the eye drops provides relief from dry eyes and is considered safe mostly. However, some common side effects can occur that resolve over time and do not require medical attention. If you notice any of the common side effects persist for a long period, then do not waste time and tell your healthcare provider as soon as possible.
Common side effects include –
Blurred vision
Continued eye redness
Pain in eye
Irritation in eye

The chance for adverse and serious side effects is rare and uncommon. Some how if you notice any adverse reaction in your body tell your healthcare professional immediately.
Adverse side effects such as –
Allergic reactions
Discharge or crusting of eyelids
Increased eye irritation
Redness or pain in the eyes for a long period
Note: If you experience any of these side effects please get in touch with your doctor.
Precautions To Be Taken
For the composition of the eye drops to be effective the person is advised to consider some of the precautions which are as follows :
Before instilling the eye drops in the eyes the person is advised to tell the doctor if he is using any type of medication which may interact with this composition.
After 72 hours if the person thinks that the medication is not providing him relief and is making him uncomfortable then he should immediately consult the doctor and also stop the use of the medication.
While the person is undergoing the treatment he is advised not to drive the vehicle. The instilling of eye drops can cause blurred vision.
Avoid touching the tip of the container to let it germs-free
Do not take more than the prescribed volume, it will not affect you positively. Also, complete the fully prescribed course to make sure that the health condition is properly cured.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Question – Are there any diet changes that the person should take care of while instilling Carboxymethyl Cellulose Eye Drops?
Ans: The person is advised to intake food which provides enough nutrients. These nutrients help the eyes to produce a sufficient amount of tears.
2. Question – Is there any special advice that should be taken care of during the treatment?
Ans: The person is advised not to use the medication if its solution changes colour. It is advised to keep the medication away from the children.
3. Question – It is safe for kids?
Ans: if you can use these drops for external use only then it is 100% safe for kids.
4. Question – Can I use it daily?
Ans: Yes, you can use it daily. But it is important to take doctor constellations before using.

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